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TOP Member Country Insurance
Top 10 Most insured members in 01/2018 TOP 10 affiliates receives the highest commission in 01/2018
1 phuch*** Vietnam 63,590,000 VND
2 than*** Vietnam 52,550,000 VND
3 beckha*** Vietnam 52,200,000 VND
4 cuulong2*** Vietnam 15,9000,000 VND
5 07121*** Vietnam 11,000,000 VND
6 lee12*** Vietnam 10,800,000 VND
7 pja*** Vietnam 10,730,000 VND
8 hadhaj*** India 317 USD
9 vuacado19*** Vietnam 3,669,000 VND
10 myha*** Vietnam 1,950,000 VND
TOP Affiliate Country Commission
1 lifegoo*** Vietnam 21,200,000 VND
2 wonderm*** Vietnam 20,800,000 VND
3 duysang6*** Vietnam 7,300,000 VND
4 anhsan*** Vietnam 5,100,000 VND
5 hazi*** India 110 USD
6 chels*** Vietnam 860,000 VND
7 suarati*** Thailand 915 THB
We are the affiliate system of the bookie, the bridge between the bookie and the player.
Players who are members of Win2323 will join the bets with the affiliate links with us.
We will pay insurance the risk to the members if the members bet lose money at the bookie in the month.
What are our operational objectives?
We will introduce players wishing to bet Sports, Casino, Lottery, Keno and many other bets to the our partner. The partner will pay the player's share of the revenue for us.
We will share our revenue to pay insurance for our members.
What are the benefits of our membership?
- Join our members you will be placed in the bet with many bookie in the world, we advise to choose the best bookie for your needs.
- You will be advised and assisted with the issues related to the bookie.

* Special: We will pay up to 50% coverage for you, in case you lose the bet.
Only available at Win2323.com
We don't accept deposits from members?
Right! We don't accept money and trade with members. All transactions, please contact directly with the bookie that you join. We absolutely didn't pick up any money from you.
The money we use to pay your insurance?
We are a partner of the bookie, them revenue will be shared with us, and we use that revenue to pay for your insurance. That is really very good for the members and also create the development of our membership system.
Do you pay for joining Win2323.com?
All free! You will not pay any fees when joining us. In addition, we will pay you insurance if you lose the bet, up to 50% (this is only available at Win2323.com).
Do we have credibility?
Join now (all free)
Welcome to Win2323.com
Of course!
Prestige is the key to our development. The prestige brought about the development of long-term membership for us.

In addition, you have nothing to worry both for you not the following reasons:

- You do not transfer money to us so do not be afraid to lose money.
- All transactions and bets you deal directly with the prestige home so you can rest assured.
- Basically, when losing a bet, all your bets are lost, only if you are a member of us (totally free), you will be insured and get back the money from us.

So even if we do not have a reputation (this is unlikely to happen) then you will lose nothing because your winnings are basically lost. On the contrary, if you have a good reputation, you will get back some of the money that you lost.
We will refund up to 50% if you lose your bet in the month.
An effective and completely free solution for the bettor.
We will transfer insurance premiums for members & commissions to agents from 10/02/2018 to 15/02/2018. Please check your bank account for this period. Any questions please contact us for early support